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Each week Prospector's Paradise features a mineral or gemstone.
A written article will tell you about the mineral, where it comes from,
how to collect it, the price range, its history and its potential as an investment.
This article is for people just starting out in mineral collecting 
and also for serious collectors looking for unique information.
Check back here every Monday for a new featured mineral.

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Our prospecting and antiques business has added a world-class lapidiary and gem, fossil, mineral, rock and bead shop with cutting materials. These specimens include ocean jasper, pietersite, laboradorite, rainbow flourit e and others.

We also carry Lake Superior area minerals like greenstone, thompsonite, Lake Super agates, native copper and native silver and a new gem named "Alexite."

Our mineral shelves are filled with large and exotic decorator size specimens and smaller cabinet size pieces from around the world.

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15,000 square feet of minerals

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Featured Minerals

We feature specimens from the
far corners of the world.
We carry large minerals, small minerals,
collector's minerals
and everything in between.
If we don't have it, we can probably get it.
Below are our featured minerals.
They're stunning, rare and priced right!

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(Item # 1)

drill scar
Copper Specimen with Drill Scar
(Item # 2)

copper crystal
Copper Crystal
(Item # 3)

Petosky Stone
(Item # 4)

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Dozens of articles about gemstones,
minerals and rocks.
Tips on starting your mineral collection.
Where to collect out in the field.
A review of metal detectors
And more...

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